At Biopoint Nutrition, our mission is to provide quality products to support the physiological needs of our customers. We strive to educate and empower those who use our products to better their lives. We work hard to be a source people look to for their health needs.
After years of working with patients with autoimmune diseases, we noticed a void in mainstream support for the common cold, especially with autoimmune patients. Many of the available supplements caused our patients to "flare up", meaning that their immune systems would react to the different ingredients found in these supplements. We were constantly faced with the question about what to do to support the immune system in general as well as what to do when our patients caught a cold or flu. It was through these questions that we decided to do something about this on our own. After years of research and testing, we developed Immunopoint.
Immunopoint is designed to support the immune system during these seasonal illnesses. It was designed initially with the Autoimmune patient in mind but is affective for just about everybody. Our quality ingredients have been well researched to support the immune system in various ways. This is crucial especially because our bodies are contantly  being bombarded with bacteria, viruses and other pathogens every day. Immunopoint has become an effective nutritional supplement to strengthen your immune system to help you feel well and stay well. We know every day counts. Our goal is to help maximize each and every one!