Other tips to help you support your immune system and get over the cold or flu quickly!!

Other helpful vitamins:

  • Vitamin E - Another powerful anti-oxidant that has been proven to help with the cold and flu.
  • Vitamin D - Low levels of Vitamin D have been associated with a weakened immune system, especially in relation to upper respiratory tract infections and the common cold​6. Supplementing with Vitamin D has been shown to help orchestrate your immunological response by regulating  the TH-1 and TH-2 responses.1,2
  • Zinc - This has been shown in many studies to potentially help reduce the length and severity of common colds​3,4,5.

Keeping your body temperature slightly elevated  

  • Elevating your body temperature will help increase the ezymatic functions in the body to help kill off the infections.
  • This will also help slow the viral replication, thus slowing down the spread of the virus.
Drink plenty of water  

Avoid excessive amounts of sugars

  •  Sugar causes problems in 2 different ways: 1) it's basically a fertilizer for pathgenic bacteria because that is one of the main foods for bacteria. 2) sugar will suppress the immune responses in the body. When you're exposed to a pathogen, you want your body to function as quickly and aggresively as it can to hopefully prevent the infection from spreading. If you can't prevent the spread, hoefully you can get it under control quickly.
The typical immune system will take several days to produce antibodies that target antigens (bacteria, viruses, etc.) and therefore it takes several days after exposure before you really have the ability to fight the common cold.

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