Black Cumin
Elderberry has been shown to have strong anti-viral properties. Mot seasonal illnesses are a result of viral infections, so we've loaded up the anti-viral capabilities with this amazing product.
Black seed extract has played a role in healthy living for thousands of years! It was said to cure everything but death. Now we're not going to go that far but this little seed plays a major role in supporting your immune system from fighting off viruses and bacteria to stimulating the immune cells into action.
One of the best all around herbs for your immune system. Garlic has been shown to address viruses and bateria with fantastic results.
Oregano has been shown to attack viruses and bacteria. It is also considered a strong anti-oxidant to generally support the immune system. 
Turmeric is an amazing immune suppoorter! There are over 600 documented benefits for turmeric in the human body! For our purposes we focused on the anti-viral, antibacterial and antioxidant abilities.
Ginger is another powerful immune supporter. It's demonstrated heavy antiviral properties, including one of the most common types causes of the common cold, rhinovirus. 
​Olive Leaf
​Rose Hips
We love the antioxidant abilities of olive leaf! It also carries with it the ability to fight off viruses and bacteria.
Rose hips carry one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C out of any herb or supplement. This carries high potency antioxidant abilities. 
We use organic ingredients that have been found effective in addressing an array of issues, including viruses, bacteria, inflammation as well as supporting some of the different physiological pathways to support a healthy immune system. We base these claims on scietific evidence. To see a list of some of the research fidings click